TORONTO (February 2015) – Scratch, a Toronto-based full service agency, has joined forces with Ontario’s Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) to communicate their prevention system through effectively building new campaigns. Scratch will be raising awareness and promoting PSHSA services to their target Ontario markets using: online advertising; Google AdWords; community management; online PR; social programs as well as a landing page and email campaign.

PSHSA is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour to collaborate with Ontario’s Public and Broader Public Sector communities, providing consulting, training, resources and scalable solutions to reduce workplace risks and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. They deliver sustainable and impactful health and safety solutions based on evidence and informed by leading practices to affect positive change.

PSHSA is committed to serving its market of 10,000 firms and 1.67 million workers in health and community care, education and culture, municipal and provincial government, public safety and emergency services, and First Nations communities.

The full service agency is working to raise awareness against violence in the workplace as well as promote the PSHSA E-Consulting program, affiliate programs and prevention services. These campaigns challenge Scratch with the objective to increase inquires, improve market reach, improve brand awareness/ brand recall, and expand excellence in prevention. By succeeding in these responsibilities, Scratch and PSHSA hope to deliver safety in the workplace.

As seen on AdNews.