TORONTO (June 2015) – June BoardSeat is a networking service for business professionals that offers real relationships with relevant people. The networking company reached out to scratch, a Toronto independent agency in marketing communications, to produce a digital platform. Scratch will be developing two digital entities: a website and a crowdfunding page.

The BoardSeat website will be receiving a redesign for a more user-friendly approach and creative update that will include a revamp for their concept, look and feel. The company’s previous concept, targeting top-level executives, has now been expanded to include all business professionals, organized into small, intimate groups called Societies. Scratch will be in charge of creating all the elements for networking service’s crowdfunding page, which is intended as a prelaunch to the service’s new spectrum.

“Scratch has completely grasped the vision we have for our rebrand,” says Greg Silas, BoardSeat Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, “they have been expertly developing and elevating our digital concept from our crowdfunding campaign to launching digital ads, and we are more than pleased with the results.”

As seen on AdNews.