Mike Connell


What we call him:

Muna (it’s a long story. Ask him some time, but don’t expect an answer you’ll understand).

Preferred office drink:

Coffee, something bubbly, scotch/bourbon/tequila.

What’s on his second screen:

He just has one big screen, otherwise, he gets distracted. Does an audiobook or podcast count?

Will never be seen without:

Fountain pen. Pad. Coffee. Some form of graphic novel or book.

A bit about him:

Mike (the Muna) has been seen around Scratch for over a decade. After obtaining degrees in English Lit. from McGill, and journalism from Ryerson (now Toronto Metropolitan University), Mike parlayed his underpaid writing skills into digital marketing savvy, content strategy chops, and accessibility expertise. 

Mike provides clients with an understanding and master plan around what to do with their content, why and how to create it if they don’t have enough, along with ensuring their digital presence and media assets are AODA compliant/accessible. He is also a freelance journalist for strategy magazine and Media in Canada, and writes/publishes/kickstarts graphic novels with his Scratch teammate, Kevin Manklow.