Razi Saju

Digital Director

What we call him:

Razzle Dazzle/Brown Daddy

Preferred office drink:

Vodka / Water / Tea / Beer

What’s on his second screen:

Mix cloud, Facebook, Twitter

Will never be seen without:

Cashew (the dog with no nuts)

A bit about him:

Razi wears many hats for his role as Digital Director at Scratch. He is an Interactive Designer, Developer, Multimedia Expert, Digital Strategist, and Project Manager…all rolled into one!

He has over 15 years’ experience in the digital realm with the last 7 at Scratch. Has developed digital media experiences, both on and offline, for a variety of brands including: Electrolux, Rogers, IBM (Varicent), Ontario PC party, Showcase, and the CW Network.

Razi is married and lives in Liberty Village with his lovely wife and his dog, Cashew. He enjoys cooking, shopping and late night phone calls from Robert complaining about something he didn’t do.


416-535-0636 x 227